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By Klaran

Big Ass Fans is an innovative manufacturer of airflow products for industrial, commercial, and residential use. Given the many pathogens in our environments, Big Ass Fans pioneered novel solutions through product innovation to deliver air treatment capability with their Clean Air System. When it came time to add air treatment capabilities to their Haiku line of ceiling fans, they needed an effective disinfection technology from a reliable manufacturer. 

Several important criteria for choosing a disinfection technology included disinfection performance, environmental-friendliness, and product size for ease of integration.

In contrast to alternative UV disinfection technologies such as mercury lamps, LEDs do not contain hazardous material. Additionally, LEDs are remarkably compact, whereas mercury lamp solutions tend to be bulkier in size.

Klaran UVC LEDs, manufactured by Crystal IS, emit ultraviolet light in the peak germicidal wavelength range of 260 nm to 275 nm. When certain pathogens absorb UV light in this range, they are unable to reproduce. Third-party research through Boston University’s National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories (NEIDL) has demonstrated that Klaran UVC LEDs can effectively inactivate dangerous pathogens such as Covid-19 - making this technology a critical tool for stopping the spread of viruses. This initial testing was validated upon product integration via an independent, third-party BioSafety Level 3 lab during Big Ass Fans’ own research and development phase.

”We use premium vendors and suppliers because we deliver premium quality solutions. It’s more about partnerships to ensure we have the right pieces to put together the puzzle and Crystal IS checks that box for our Haiku model.”

Today, Big Ass Fans’ Haiku ceiling fans use Klaran UVC LEDs to fight airborne pathogens.

Image courtesy of Big Ass Fans.

By leveraging CDC-endorsed Upper-Room Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI), the fans are able to dramatically increase the efficacy of the disinfection technology and improve air quality by boosting the baseline air changes per hour to mitigate risk of infection from airborne pathogens. ”We use premium vendors and suppliers because we deliver premium quality solutions,” says Lennie Rhoades, Big Ass Fans CEO. “It’s more about partnerships to ensure we have the right pieces to put together the puzzle and Crystal IS checks that box for our Haiku model.”


In many ways, UVC LEDs are the ideal disinfection technology for fighting pathogens. Partnering with Crystal IS allows Big Ass Fans to leverage a proven disinfection technology (Klaran UVC LEDs) in their airflow products and, ultimately, help to create cleaner environments. Looking ahead, Big Ass Fans plans to expand growth channels to provide air disinfection solutions worldwide. 

The Klaran Advantage

Klaran UVC LEDs, manufactured by Crystal IS, are compact, environmentally friendly, and offer efficient germicidal wavelength over traditional light sources. In addition, Klaran LEDs provide:

  • On-demand disinfection
  • Germicidal efficacy to fight a variety of pathogens 
  • Long life

United States-based Big Ass Fans, the world’s largest manufacturer of energy efficient fans, continues to expand globally and is now better serving the South and Southeast Asia markets via its Singapore subsidiary.

Big Ass Fans Singapore brings a green building technology that works to the region, where sub-tropical climates help drive demand for energy efficient means of cooling.

Big Ass Fans Singapore is offering a wide range of fan products to the region from large diameter High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans to the popular Haiku ceiling fan, Energy Star rated as the world’s most efficient ceiling fan.

Big Ass Fans product range covers any space from residential and commercial to industrial and agricultural applications, and allows for the elimination or reduction of air conditioning, thus providing real energy savings without reducing comfort.

Big Ass Fans are not simply a means for a more comfortable and sustainable living, but the residential and commercial fans are also designed to enhance the overall design of the spaces where they are installed.

Case in point, the Haiku ceiling fan has won dozens of international design awards to include red dot and most recently a Design for Asia award. With sleek, modern designs, it is no wonder why leading designers and architects have a strong preference for specifying Big Ass Fans.

About Big Ass Fans

Big Ass Fans designs and engineers contemporary 1.3 to 7.3m diameter fans that use an energy-efficient motor to generate air movement, providing occupant comfort and energy savings year round. More than 100,000 Big Ass Fans have been installed to over 125 countries worldwide in applications such as industrial plants, dairy barns, hangars, schools, lofts, health clubs, and homes. For more information on Big Ass Fans, visit or call +65 6709 8500.

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